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The best of USA shirt 09.11.2020

“The pandemic is getting significantly more worrisome all across the country,” Biden said on Friday. “I want everyone to know on day one, we’re going to put our plan to control this virus into action.””By the time that the Biden-Harris administration takes over, this virus is going to have already run rampant through the communities […]

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In New York City, a crowd gathered outside of the Trump International Hotel and Tower, chanting “No More Trump!” In Brooklyn, one man was dancing atop a car going down Fulton Street.Outside Biden’s headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, a crowd was quickly growing beyond the security perimeter. There were people of all ages cheering, singing and […]

The best of USA shirt 07.11.2020

“All nations in Europe had reduced this emergency expansion over the course of the summer,” Bricknell said. “And now as the outbreak gets worse again, then different countries are using their armed forces again to assist with planning response and augmenting capacity, particularly in terms of testing.”Italy’s military has been involved in running field hospitals, […]

The best of USA shirt 06.11.2020

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise responded to a request for comment with a statement from spokeswoman Lauren Fine, saying, “Whip Scalise urges every state to fairly and equally enforce their election laws as written, and only count those ballots that were cast legally. Americans deserve full transparency to have confidence that their votes are being […]

The best of USA shirt 02.11.2020

Even as record numbers of Americans have voted early, voting rights groups say they are bracing for the possibility of long lines on Election Day after officials shuttered polling places because of the pandemic and potential confusion over many states’ new voting processes this election.”Look, the country is on edge,” North Carolina Attorney General Josh […]