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The best of USA shirt 28.10.2020

An analysis of his tax records by the Times shows that after the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago encountered financial problems, big banks and hedge funds cut Trump considerable slack, granting him years of additional time to repay his debts, much of which was ultimately forgiven. And while the previously unreported forgiven debts […]

The best of USA shirt 27.10.2020

In both states, the in-person voting bloc is significantly friendlier to Republicans than the vote-by-mail portion of the electorate. In Florida, Republicans are making up a larger chunk of in-person early voters than are Democrats. This is the reverse of what we’ve seen in prior years. Again, this generally conforms to the expectations of those […]

The best of USA shirt 23.10.2020

But he did everything he needed to, given his pole position in the race — and even managed to land the best lines of the night. On the coronavirus, Biden mocked Trump’s line that “we’re learning to live with it” by saying, “We’re dying with it.” After an extended back-and-forth over their families and allegations […]

The best of USA shirt 22.10.2020

After an initial match up that quickly descended into a glorified shouting match, with Trump repeatedly interrupting Biden and running roughshod over the moderator, the second debate, scheduled for last week, was canceled after the President tested positive for the coronavirus and subsequently refused to take part in a virtual meeting.making Thursday night’s debate the […]

The best of USA shirt 21.10.2020

For many years, this Court has repeatedly emphasized that federal courts ordinarily should not alter state election rules in the period close to an election,” Kavanaugh said. Left unsaid was that the Supreme Court, by reinstating the witness requirement, was itself changing the status quo. The best of USA shirt on teezala 21.10.2020 The best […]